There are stunning views from the surrounding summits. Red kites and buzzards soar overhead and ravens, peregrines, sparrowhawks, merlins, golden plovers, curlews, ring ouzels, winchats and goshawks may be seen.  There are binoculars in Ty Mari and bird books in both cottages. The Ystwyth valley is one of the foremost areas of the country for observing red kites. This large bird of prey was on the verge of extinction before being successfully repopulated in the valley. Whilst the birds may often be seen circling on thermals outside of the cottages, local feeding centres provide opportunities to see the birds at much closer quarters and are particularly popular with children.  There are several RSPB Centres in Mid-Wales where lapwings, little egrets, redshanks and white-fronted geese may be seen. If you pop down to Aberystwyth pier as the sun is setting, you will often catch an amazing sight as you look up and see the murmuration of starlings.  Wonderopolis says of this: ‘regardless of the size of the murmuration, all the birds seem to be connected to the same network.  This phenomenon puzzles scientists, because it goes beyond what we know from biology about how animals behave.  The mystery of the murmuration is a fascinating example of a natural phenomenon that hides secrets about the world that scientists have still yet to uncover!  Have your video at the ready!

If you want a couple of inspiring books to read on your holiday, these will inform and inspire your birdwatching in Wales:

Meadowland by John Lewis-Stempel (Black Swan pub. 2015)

Deep Country by Neil Ansell (Penguin 2012)